Why use SchoolToJoin?

We enable a FREE accessible platform for parents, students, and center owners in fetching and posting information on schools worldwide. Our mission is to provide high quality detailed information about each school, that one wishes to join, and enable an effective communication channel between the student/parent and the school management. With our vast experience and background of working in the education industry, we have studied the frequent challenges faced by parents and students in finding their school to join. The portal will enable all its users to enjoy access to some valuable important features:

  • Quick and simple ability to search and filter for any school, wherever you are located in the world. With thousands of schools getting added and registered periodically, this is a one-stop quality resource for researching schools and sharing communications with the centers and the community.
  • Search any school across any category (i.e. preschool, high school, senior secondary school, college etc.)
  • Nail down your school search for a specific location by searching within the country, city, district, province, or address
  • Use more advanced attributes to filter your school like the board affiliation, medium of study, gender (Co-ed/Other),
  • View complete detailed information about each school (e.g. admission procedures, contact information, location on map, photo gallery, school specific features, head’s message, etc.)
  • View comments and ratings about each school from the vast portal user base
  • View announcements from each school management
  • Send admission forms and enquiries to school management
  • Seamless access to the social community. Share school links on facebook, twitter, google plus, pinterest, linkedin, tumblr, blogger, and more. School centers will be able to display and mirror their Facebook Page Galleries in a jiffy on this portal.
  • Enable exclusive access to SchoolToJoin forum for participating as a parent, student, center owner, or visitor. Review or participate in what others have to say on child upbringing, education facilities, or reviewing upcoming schools to join


How does it benefit you as a student/parent?

  • Example Case 1: I wish to understand and evaluate all top ICSE schools in Bangalore. Could I check them in a jiffy and also sort them by ranking?
  • Example Case 2: I wish to see each school location on the map, view its photo galleries, understand its presence on facebook, compare ratings and reviews all from one single place.
  • Example Case 3: I am in the USA and relocating to India soon. I wish to search, study, and look for the best preschool for my child to join in Bangalore. How do I research for all the information in one single place in a snap and contact the school management remotely?
  • Example Case 4: I am in India, but will soon relocate to Dubai. I desperately need to understand the best CBSE schools in the region and if admissions are available.
  • Example Case 5: I wish to understand the various announcements made by CBSE secondary schools in Delhi and study them.

The SchoolToJoin portal will enable you to do all the above in a snap and even more. Read the tutorials to understand how to use SchoolToJoin effectively. Register with SchoolToJoin.com and get communications from your school management or send admission enquiries.


How does it benefit the school management/center owner?

  • Example Case 1: I need to maximize admission enquiries and enable reach to a wider audience (globally).
  • Example Case 2: I wish to enable sharing of my school data through the social channels (facebook, twitter, linkedin etc.). I also wish to mirror my facebook image gallery on schooltojoin.
  • Example Case 3: I wish to have a secure single automated channel / portal of managing my center and its users (i.e. parents/students)
  • Example Case 4: I wish to communicate messages and publish center announcements to my existing/potential student/parent groups effectively with nil investment.
  • Example Case 5: I wish to enable users to have an easy quick access to my center on internet searches and forums.

Again, the SchoolToJoin portal will enable you to do all the above in a snap and even more. Center owners when registering with SchoolToJoin.com will be able to manage their own school/center, and do much more. Read the tutorials to understand how to use SchoolToJoin effectively.

Note: New center owner registrations will be validated by the SchoolToJoin research team before full activation, to ensure accuracy and validity of data. This process usually takes about 2 working days.